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Patricia Brito, a distinguished British designer, born in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro in 1985, now calls Europe her home. Her journey in design commenced with her graduation in London and has since taken her across more than 10 countries worldwide. Patricia's passion extends equally to business and design, recognizing the harmonious interplay between the two.

As an established designer, Patricia's distinctive mark is the fusion of original art, interior design, and home furnishings into a holistic and contemporary approach to lifestyle. Her design philosophy creates inviting spaces that reflect elegant themes while remaining attuned to the unique lifestyle and preferences of each client.

What sets Patricia apart is her deeply personalized and bespoke service. She places utmost importance on building enduring client relationships and tailors her approach to meet the specific needs of each project. From conceptualization to final execution, Patricia offers comprehensive interior architecture, furniture design, and turn-key styling services. Her projects epitomize meticulous attention to detail, accompanied by her signature blend of elegance and luxury.



At Patricia Brito Studio, our philosophy centers around a commitment to exceptional service. We believe that design excellence involves a profound understanding of our clients' aspirations for their projects, combined with a conscientious approach to budgetary and scheduling constraints. From the earliest creative stages to construction documentation and administration, we strive to provide insightful guidance that not only adds value but also enhances aesthetics. We emphasize collaboration with all stakeholders, ensuring a design experience that is transparent, responsive, forward-thinking, and adaptable.

Patricia Brito Studio also specializes in decorating, space redesign, and real estate staging. Staging plays a pivotal role in capturing market attention, maximizing property value, and attracting dedicated buyers. Our inventory is thoughtfully used to craft captivating vignettes that expedite property sales. Contact us today for a staging consultation.

Personalized service and effective communication are the cornerstones of every successful project. From initial planning to the finishing touches, Patricia Brito is fully engaged. We collaborate closely to ensure that your project aligns with your vision, applying our design, planning, purchasing, and installation expertise. Our mission is not to impose our design ideas but to listen attentively to your desires for your home and translate that vision into reality. Equally important, we are committed to adhering to your budget and timelines.

Our ultimate goal is to make your home a beautiful, comfortable, and source of pride.


Warm regards,

Patricia Brito


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Our practice is suffused with passion for excellent design,

combined with a manner that is friendly and approachable. If you would like to learn more about what we do and

how we do it, please contact us.


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